Hard Disk Data Recovery Services for Computer Files

Why data loss occur?
Most of the data losses are software/user related. They happened due to virus attacks, system crashes, accidental deletion of files, reformatting and even damaged partition tables.

Our hard disk data recovery services includes assisting you to recover your precious data, lost files from the causes listed above.

However, data loss could be due to physical damage to the hard disk, that results in mechanical failure (hard disk clicking sound), or hard disk electronical failure (unable to be detected by system).

Pass us your storage device for a evaluation

We will check the status of the hard disk and recoverability of your data. We are able to recover your data from brands such as seagate, western digital (WD), hitachi, samsung or toshiba.

Form factor, such as notebook (2.5″) hard disk or desktop (3.5″) or external hard disk, SATA/IDE does not matter to us. We can try to retrieve deleted files for you.

Pls provide the following details, if possible, before calling us

1) Type of Media? USB External Hard Disk / Internal Hard Disk / thumbdrive / Internal Hard disk / NAS

2) What happened? Data Deletion / Lost Emails / Unknown device or No response from system despite trying different USB ports

3) Does it have a clicking sound? Yes / No

4) Function of Media to be recovered? As OS Drive / External Backup / NAS Hard Disk (model if possible)

5) File Type? NTFS / FAT32 / MAC OS / NAS / EXT3/4

6) Type of Data to be recovered? Photo / Database / Documents / Outlook?

7) Location of Data? Desktop / Documents / Folder A

*Depending on the severity of the damage to the disk, the time needed to recover your data differs.

** If the hard disk contains your operating system (Windows) STOP using your PC immediately!! Loading the operating system writes data to your data and could greatly reduce the chance to recover your data

**Do not attempt to copy any data into the hard disk which you want to recover the data from. Doing so does further damage and reduces the chances of your data being retrieved.