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How to choose a web hosting provider
In the first post we briefly compared shared and dedicated hosting services. ModernOne we offer you a wide range of dedicated servers that meet your server requirements as well as remain in your budget.
Customer support
Two Basic Options
Business Hosting
100GB Disk Space
100GB Monthly Bandwidth
10 Add-on Domain
10 MYSQL Database
100 Email Address
512MB RAM Resources
Reseller Hosting
Unlimited Cpanel Accounts
Free Cpanel to Cpanel Migration
Free Private Name Server
Free 1 Dedicated IP Address
Free Comodo SSL Secure Certificate
Free Setup rDNS / PTR for your IP
Free RM57 .my Domain Reseller
Free RM45/year SSL Reseller Accout
Free $9.90 .com Domain Reseller
2Checkout Payment Gateway Account
Free BoxBilling Hosting Billing License
Why choose us
24 x 7 Prefessional Support
Based on ModernCloud
CPanel Control Panel
99.9% Up Time Guarantee

Hosted on ModernCloud
WHM/cPanel Control Panel
24 x 7 Premium Support
Dedicated IP Address

Manage the advantages of hosting for the enterprise
A small business that runs an online store or a company’s website wants to spend time, money, and energy on server management, That’s why the best solution is to go completely hosting hosting services.
Managed Hosting
Managed hosting means that the hosting provider is responsible for handling all server-related issues. You not only rent hardware from the host, but also pay them to manage it. It is similar to the purchase of new cars get free oil and maintenance of a comprehensive warranty.
In order to discuss the benefits of hosting, Divide it into two parts : Technical advantages and business advantages
Manage the technical advantages of the hosting
Server monitoring – Server monitoring is important for your organization.This is a process of constantly scanning the server to search for any irregular or potential failure. The system administrator continually monitors the servers to identify these points of failure so that they can resolve them before they become a major problem.
Safety – Server security is an important priority for any business. Server security includes all aspects of its security, for example
Running security audits – Managed storage means outsourcing the company’s storage requirements to a managed service provider
Spam filtering
Virus scanning
Software firewall configuration
Operating system updates
Managed storage-Managed storage means that outsourcing the company’s storage requirements to managed service providers is beneficial to the company because it helps them reduce the costs associated with purchasing and managing storage services
Hosted database - This is very similar to managing storage, but calls the experienced database administrator’s skills and expertise, rather than a more generalized system administrator.Managed providers usually have DBA,They are at least SQL Server,MySQL and order Have experience
Backup- Lost data is very expensive for a company. Therefore, there must be a process to regularly back up your data, keep it safe and maintain its integrity
Hosted business advantage
Customize to meet your needs- Every company has a different demand. You can customize the solution according to your needs
Reduce operating costs- Employing a managed partner who is already equipped with a person with experience and skills to handle any server-related issues is usually financially viable.
Save time and money- In business, time is money. The time you spend on managing the server – and the time to manage the server administrator – is the time to better focus on your core business.

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